We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

We acknowledge the Whadjuk people as the traditional owners of the land on which Baby Coming You Ready? was developed.

The past and continuing connections to land, waters, community and culture brings hope to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who warmly welcome us to work together collaboratively towards a brighter future.


This website contains images and references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who may be deceased.

About Us

  • Organisational Partnerships

    Through the Kalyakool Moort research, strong organisational partnerships  and individual collaborations emerged. Membership for the Aboriginal Advisory Groups (see below) was invited from among people with diverse backgrounds and experience. Each individual emerged as being repeatedly by Aboriginal community and / or senior management as being highly respected, experienced in the field and able to be representative of their community.
    Each individual is regarded as being highly respected by Aboriginal community and/or senior management, they are experienced in the field and are strong representatives of their community.

    Original Kalyakool Moort Aboriginal Working Party Members.

    From left:

    Deborah Williams, Delys Dick, Melanie Robinson, Christine Parry, Danny Ford, John Ford, Gail Yarran, Alison Gibson, Averil Scott, Cecilia Heinritz.


    Desmond Blurton, Jessica Carter, Rowan Collard, Phyllis Winmar, Kerryn Lewis, Ian Gentle, Janinne Gliddon, Steve Bond.

    From left:

    Janinne Gliddon (King Edward Memorial Hospital), Rosemary Walley (Telethon Kids Institute) , David Stanley (Utility Creative), Christie Anise (then Murdoch University), Shelly Coleman (then Sexual Health Quarters), Alison Gibson (then Moort Boodjari Mia), Mel Robinson (then Department of Health), Kerryn Lewis (Indigenous Parent Support, Ngala)

  • Lead Research Group (LRG)

    Lead Research Group

    The Lead Research Group has provided strategic direction, oversight and governance for the development, management and sustainability of the Baby Coming You Ready? (BCYR) rubric pilot project.

    The development of the research structure and background research leading to the development of BCYR has been in close collaboration with the Aboriginal Advisory Groups (both the women’s and men’s) and the Aboriginal Elders Cultural Safety Group.


    From left:

    Denese Griffin (East Metro Health), Ian Gentle (East Metro Health), David Stanley (Utility Creative), Dr Elaine Bennett (Ngala), Dr Raffi Salvo (Dept. of Communities, Leanda Verrier (KEMH), Melanie Samuels (Dept. of Communities), Dr Jayne Kotz (Ngangk Yira), Glenn Pearson (TKI).

    From left:

    Marty Prichard (Clear Horizons), Dr Elaine Bennett, Margaret Collard, Dr Petra Skeffington, Denese Griffin, Tracy Martin, Ai Wen Chan, Dr Jayne Kotz, Leanda Verrier, Gail Gibson, Prof Rhonda Marriott, Sally Kirk,

    Dr Debbie Singh, Gabrielle Walker.


    Nicole Highet (COPE), Glenn Pearson, Lea Davidson, Prof Tracy Reibel, and Melanie Robinson.

    FFrom left:

    Wen Chan (Ngangk Yira), Deb Williams (Child & Adolescent Health Services), Dr Jayne Kotz (Ngangk Yira), Averil Scott (Women’s Health & Family Services), Mel Robinson (CATSINaM), Tracy Martin (Dept. of Health), Tracy Reibel (Ngangk Yira), Christine Parry (Boodjari Yorgas), Lea Davidson (Women’s & Newborn Health), Dr Elaine Bennett (Ngala), Gail Yarran (Derbarl Yerrigan), Brigette Kelly (Child & Adolescent Health Services), Jillian Moody (Derbarl Yerrigan), Gabrielle Walker (Ngangk Yira), Dr Peta Skeffington (Ngangk Yira), Denese Griffin (East Metropolitan Health Services), Joanna Hamilton (East Metropolitan Health Services), Prof Rhonda Marriott. (Ngangk Yira).


    Margaret Collard, Leanda Verrier, Dr Debbie Singh, Dr Nicole Highet, and Glenn Pearson.

    From left:

    Dr Jayne Kotz, Dr Elaine Bennet, Leanda Verrier, Mel Robinson (CATSINaM), Lea Davidson (Women’s & Newborn Health)

    Thank you all who contributed actively throughout the Kalyakool Moort research phase:
    Contributors who are missing from the image line-up above are Melanie Samuels and Raffi Salvo, Department of Communities and Michael Mitchell Wungen Kartup Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service.

  • BCYR Pilot Research Framework

    The development of this bespoke digital platform for a paradigm shift in social and emotional wellbeing screening, assessment and care has been highly consultative and iterative at every stage. This has ensured that the digital platform, its content and functions are robust, culturally safe, strengths-based, healing focused, relevant, and useful as determined by all users.

    Developing Baby Coming You Ready?

    The BCYR research pilot framework continues with the support of the following groups.

    Take a moment to listen to the theme song for Baby Coming You Ready, written by mooditj Jillian Taylor and sung by Jillian and Dave Pigram.

    Play the Song

  • BCYR Elders Cultural Safety Group

    BCYR was developed on Noongar Boodjar with cultural guidance from the Elders Cultural Safety group.

    We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are culturally diverse. They are the holders of unique languages, knowledge systems and beliefs, and possess invaluable traditional knowledge. Whilst local cultural safety of the BCYR rubric (i.e., images, language) has been ensured, cultural adaptability has been considered in the development of BCYR. We have ensured that with suitable localised community consultations, the BCYR rubric can be modified and tailored to suit other cultural and language groups.

    Has been co-designed and supported by many organisations and individuals. The development of BCYR has been highly consultative and iterative at every stage. This has ensured that the rubric is robust, culturally safe, relevant and useful as determined by all users.

    From left:

    Tania Bin Bakar, Albert McNamara, Irene McNamara, and the Queen of the Kimberley and everyone’s darling, Mary G

    Back row From left:

    Margaret Culbong (Rest in Peace), Mandy Wilkes, Carmel Culbong, Cheryl Phillips, Gary Wilkes (Rest in Peace).

    Front From left:

    Megan Cromarty and Dr Jayne Kotz

    From left:

    Cheryl Phillips and Aunty Margaret Culbong (Rest in Peace) with their grannies at the Baby Coming You Ready launch.

    Back Row from left:

    Cheryl Phillips, Gary Culbong, Albert McNamara, Irene McNamara, Faye Farmer, Laura Farmer.

    Front from left:

    Greg Phillips (Rest in Peace), Margaret Culbong (Rest in Peace), Carmel Culbong.


    Shirley Thorne (Rest in Peace), Viv Hansen.

  • BCYR Women’s and Men’s Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG)

    Strong strong organisational partnerships  and individual collaborations emerged from 12 months of community engagement. Membership for the Men’s and Women’s Aboriginal Advisory Groups was invited from among people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, Clans and Nations. Each invited member was identified by their Aboriginal community or workplace senior management as being highly respected, experienced in the field and able to be representative of their community.

    Drawing on their collective wealth of experience, knowledge and cultural wisdom, many hours have gone into supporting the research and settling on specific domains of inquiry. They have conceptualised over 500 images for the digitised rubric that characterises emotional experiences and events common to many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and families.

    WAAG Members

    Back row From left:

    Deborah Williams, Dr Jayne Kotz (LRG), Tracy Martin (LRG), Lea Davidson (LRG), Bridgette Connors.

    Middle Row:

    Melanie Robinson, Dr Tracy Reibel, Dr. Elaine Bennett (LRG), Jillian Taylor.

    Front Row:

    Ai Wen Chan, Averil Scott, Christine Parry, Gail Yarran.


    Joanna Hamilton, Kerryn Lewis, Janinne Gliddon, Rosemary Walley, Shelley Coleman, Jessica Carter (Rest in Peace), Gabrielle Walker.

    From left:

    Megan Cromarty, Jessica Carter (rest in peace beautiful angel), Averil Scott, and Christine Parry.

    From left:

    Janinne Gliddon, Rose Walley, David Stanley (Utility Creative), Christie Annise, Shelley Coleman, Alison Gibson, Melanie Robinson.

    From left:

    Gail Yarran (WAAG), Liesl Baxter (LRG), Jillian Taylor.

    From left:

    Dylan Garlett (and son), David Pigram and Mark Griffin.

    From left:

    Ian Gentle, David Pigram, Danny Ford, Desmond Blurton and Mark Griffin.

    We also wish to acknowledge and thank Shelley Coleman, Jenna Woods, Sharna Walley and Hayley Collard for their involvement and contribution to the BCYR project.

  • BCYR Research Working Party

    The BCYR project has partners from across Australia with the Ngangk Yira Institute for Change t Murdoch University in Western Australia is ‘base-camp’ for the research.

    BCYR Research Working Party

    Ngangk Yira Institute for Change

    Building 190
    Murdoch University
    90 South Street
    Murdoch, Western Australia, 6150

    BCYR Research Working Party

    Behind the scenes at Ngangk Yira Institute for Change, there is a working party ‘progressing the gestation’ of Baby Coming You Ready moving forward toward a strong and healthy outcome.

    Behind the scenes or in addition to their membership roles in the Women’s aboriginal Advisory Groups and Men’s Aboriginal Advisory Group, there are men and women who have worked tirelessly to ensure BCYR and all associated assets are of high quality and are culturally safe and effective.
    Utility Creative have partnered with COPE and the BCYR team at Ngangk Yira Institute for Change to ensure the BCYR digital application and associated assets are developed according to best practice health promotion guidelines set out within the Ottowa Charter 1986 standards and incorporate the use of creative technology systems designed to empower people.

    Some of the Utility Creative team: Ai Wen Chan, Milda Melissa, David Pigram, Aunty Margaret Culbong, Mary G, David Stanley and Dr Jayne Kotz.

    Filming in action.

    David Stanley, Carley Simpson and Milda Melissa from Utility Creative with members of the BCYR team.

  • Kalyakool Moort Research

    The Baby Coming You Ready (BCYR) rubric and recommended assets were co-designed with the Aboriginal community, Aboriginal practitioners and researchers as part of a PhD by Jayne Kotz. The research was given the title Kalyakool Moort – Always Family by Nyoongar Elders. It explored barriers and enablers to strong parenting practices and to effective mental health screening practices, from the perspectives of both Aboriginal parents and practitioners. 

    Jayne’s supervisors for this research were Prof Rhonda Marriott and Prof Corinne Reid.

    The Kalyakool Moort Project research framework was designed and directed by Aboriginal people. Aboriginal wisdom and cultural safety were privileged at all times throughout the research process.

    Strong collaboration and partnerships have developed between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers, Aboriginal community members from across Australia and with key people from both government and non-government agencies.

    From Left:

    Prof Rhonda Marriott

    (Centre Director, Ngangk Yira Institute for Change; and Pro Vice Chancellor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership, Murdoch University)

    Prof Corinne Reid

    (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Victoria University)

    Jayne Kotz

    (Senior Research Fellow and BCYR Project Lead, Ngangk Yira)

    Michelle Di Lello

    (Development Officer – Office of Advancement Murdoch University)

    BCYR has emerged as a co-designed program that has been highly consultative and iterative at every stage. This has ensured that the rubric is robust, culturally safe, relevant and useful as determined by all users.

    Organisational partnerships include (in alphabetical order) 

    • Aboriginal Health, WA Health 
    • Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA)
    • Boodjari Yorgas (Armadale Health Service)
    • Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE)
    • Child Community Health Services (CACH), WA Health 
    • Derbarl Yerrigan Health Services
    • East Metropolitan Health Services, WA Health 
    • Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA Health  
    • Indigenous Parent Support Service
    • King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), WA Health
    • Midland Women’s Health Care Place
    • Moorditj Koort
    • Moort Boodjari Mia (St John of God Hospital Midland)
    • NGALA Family Services
    • Nursing and Midwifery Office, WA Health 
    • Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SAMHS)
    • Telethon Kids Institute (TKI)
    • Utility Creative
    • Western Australia Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA)
    • Western Australia, Department of Communities
    • Women’s and Family Health Services (WNHS)